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3 февраля 2022

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Porsche Winter Drive with Porsche Center Leninsky

On January 30, Porsche Experience Winter 2022 took place at the Moscow Raceway. Porsche Center Leninsky, which is part of the AVTODOM Group of Companies, was organizer of the event. It united fans of the Porsche brand on the winter track. The Porsche Experience Winter program aims to improve the driving skills of Porsche vehicles in extreme conditions.

The event began with a preparatory stage. The guests were acquainted with Porsche information stands, treated themselves to freshly brewed coffee and light snacks. Then, a theoretical briefing was held for the participants of the Porsche Experience Winter under the guidance of specialists from the Porsche Experience Center Russia. Motorists demonstrated their acquired skills on a professional track, which revealed the full potential of sports cars of the legendary German brand after the studying the theory of movement in winter conditions. The guests visited the lounge area after the end of the races. There they were offered drinks and hot dishes, and were presented with memorable gifts from the Porsche Center Leninsky.

The participants completed 3 exercises each, which are related to various aspects of driving in winter in the practical part of the Porsche Experience Winter. They demonstrated the skills of the correct distribution of the car's weight while driving on an icy track at the first stage of Slalom. The second stage was called Drift. There motorists entered sharp turns and predicted the reaction of the car during an extreme maneuver. The participants drove a car along a snow-covered track at the final stage of the Ice Track. The model range, on which the guests of the Porsche Experience Winter mastered the training track, included the Porsche 911, Cayenne and Panamera. Motorists tested the Porsche Taycan electric car during the event. Its characteristics allow you to move effectively in the cold season.

We were glad to see so many guests at our event. It's nice to know that Porsche owners are interested in improving their driving skills at the first-class Moscow Raceway, designed by the famous architect Hermann Tilke, the author of most of the modern tracks for the Formula 1 racing series, - commented Dmitry Baranov, Managing Director Porsche brand of the AVTODOM Group of Companies .