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10 декабря 2021

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AVTODOM MKAD is the Best service BMW MOTORRAD 2021

In December 2021, BMW Group Russia summed up the preliminary results of the year during a dealer conference. AVTODOM MKAD took the first place in the Best Service BMW MOTORRAD 2021 competition. AVTODOM Zorge took the second place in the rating. This proves that the best BMW MOTORRAD service in Moscow is available to AVTODOM customers.

BMW MOTORRAD AVTODOM dealerships took pride places in the Best BMW MOTORRAD Service 2021 competition according to the results of the BMW Group Russia assessment: 1st place - AVTODOM MKAD, Moscow, Odintsovo, MKAD, 51, 2nd place - AVTODOM Zorge, Moscow, st. Zorge, 17.

In addition, BMW Group Russia recognized BMW MOTORRAD AVTODOM dealerships for the best customer-oriented behavior of the employee. These won prizes in the competition Client is our Priority: AVTODOM Zorge, Moscow, st. Zorge, 17, AVTODOM St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg, st. Start, 10.

AVTODOM has achieved such results through a personalized approach to each client.

Sergey Pletnev, Managing Director of BMW, MINI and BMW Motorrad AVTODOM brands, thanked BMW Group Russia for the high appraisal and expressed gratitude to his team: We highly appreciate the attention of BMW Group Russia to the work of our dealerships. It is a great honor for us that the Company recognized the merits of our employees in the field of service and customer service BMW MOTORRAD in the season 2021 at the annual dealership conference. Of course, we have something to strive. Next year we will continue to work on improving the quality of service and increasing the level of service. Now I want to thank our entire motorcycle team for the contribution they make every day to the development of the BMW brand in Russia and for their reverent and attentive attitude towards each client!

The AVTODOM Company was founded in 1992. The automobile holding specializes in sales and service of premium and luxury cars. Cooperation with the BMW concern has become the basis of the long-term successful history of the holding. AVTODOM became the first official BMW dealer in Russia. In addition, in 2002 AVTODOM became the first official MINI dealer. Now the company's portfolio includes 5 BMW dealerships located in Moscow and 1 BMW dealership in St. Petersburg.